Course Offerings

Spring 2024 (January 8 – May 12, 2024)

Course Code / TitleProfessor
THE 1013 The Holy SpiritStrauser, S.
THE 1063 The Gifts of the SpiritStrauser, S.
THE 1242 The Nature of DoctrineFeliciano, J.
THE 1252 Systematic Theology IFeliciano, J.
THE 1262 Systematic Theology IIFeliciano, J.
MIN 2503 Ministry Practicum (I-VI)Strauser, S.
MIN 2503 Missions Practicum (VII)Strauser, S.
MIN 2513 Church Conflict ManagementLupori, R.
MIN 2602 Academic WritingMendoza, A.
BIB 1023 New Testament SurveyLewis, W.
BIB 1163 Old Testament SurveyMapira, C.
BIB 1282 JoshuaLandis, C.
BIB 1403 Gospel of JohnSupan, A.
BIB 1543 The TabernacleSupan, A.
BIB 1583 The Pentateuch – Self StudyProctor
BIB 1623 The Book of PsalmsSeyda, R.
BIB 2473 Biblical HermeneuticsReyes, W.
GCE 1293 Life of ChristLandis, C.
GCE 2593 Church and Christian EthicsLupori, R.
Spanish Language Classes 
Course Code / TitleProfessor
THE 1063 ES Los Dones de El Espiritu Santo / The Gifts of the Holy SpiritLicht, N.
THE 1242 ES Naturaleza de la Doctrina / Nature of DoctrineIrizarry, R.
MIN 1232 ES Llamado de Dios / The Call of GodLicht, N.
MIN 2503 ES Practica Ministerial I / Ministro Practicum ILicht, N. | Strauser, S.
BIB 1093 ES Hechos de los Apostoles / Acts of the ApostlesQuintero, M.
BIB 1282 ES Josue / JoshuaLicht, N.
Class in the Philippines 
Course Code / TitleProfessor
THE 1073 The TrinityReyes, W. | Divierte, J.


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