The Study Group Center Setting

stock photo group2Study Groups settings are sponsored by a local church or approved ministry having students enrolled in the Phrear School of Theology undergraduate level program courses. Students are enrolled through Phrear School of Theology – Distance Education, while attending classes held at the local church or ministry with local PST approved instructors facilitating and proctoring.

Offering the student an advantage

  • Students study with the nationally recognized Phrear School of Theology.
  • Studies will offer in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the Word of God.
  • Inviting interactive classroom settings encourage a follow through for each course.
  • Students will gain from the ministry and wisdom only found in the mature experience of the approved instructors facilitating the course.
  • Classroom settings encourage a timely follow through for each course.
  • Those answering the call to ministry are trained under the leadership of the church.

Open a Study Group Center today

  • Guide training for next generation church leadership!
  • Provide in-depth and comprehensive training of the Word of God as you facilitate and proctor classes for Phrear School of Theology students.
  • Grow the ministry of the Church with qualified Phrear School of Theology graduates.

Churches interested in sponsoring a PST Study Group Center may write Phrear School of Theology, Office of Admissions, 1420 Celebration Blvd, Suite 200, Celebration, FL 34747, or contact us today. We look forward to assisting your ministry grow the servants of God.