Admission Requirements

Application materials are available through the PST website and by contacting the Academic Office either by phone or postal mail. To make application for registration, the following items will be required.

  1. PST Undergraduate Application
    Submit completed application to Phrear School of Theology, Registrars Office.
  2. Transcripts.
    Applicants must submit an official high school transcript from public, private, or home school, proof of graduation, or official transcripts of studies undertaken at all institutions of higher learning.

Students who have not yet graduated from high school must successfully complete the General Educational Development (GED) exam before admission.

Students currently enrolled in high school who have completed their sophomore year may be admitted when application is accompanied by a letter from their high school guidance counselor attesting to their ability to take college level courses. Such students must also submit a letter of approval from their parent or guardian. Please contact the Academic Office for questions and assistance.

Select Enrollment

Students not pursuing a degree, but desiring to take or audit classes at Phrear School of Theology for specific purposes such as meeting degree requirements for another institution of higher learning, personal development, teacher certifications, or ministerial licensing and ordination with the Full Gospel Assemblies shall be considered as Select Enrollment registrations. Select Enrollment students shall follow the following policies and steps for registration with Phrear School of Theology.

  1. PST Undergraduate Application
    Submit completed application to Phrear School of Theology, Registrar’s Office.
  2. Transcripts
    Select Enrollment students are not eligible to transfer credit in to Phrear School of Theology. Transcripts issued by Phrear School of Theology for Select Enrollment students will only contain academic information for PST classes.
  3. Tuition & Fees
    Select Enrollment students are required to submit all tuition and relative fees in full for their classes taken or audited, at time of registration.