Available to you, at home, just where you are.

The Diploma of Biblical Study program is a correspondence program for all students outside the United States, desiring an at home educational opportunity. Your study program will be able to be fit into your schedule, allowing for you to remain in current ministry, with your occupation and with your family during your time of study.

Correspondence. It works like this……

As you complete your registration for the Diploma of Biblical Study program and enroll for your first classes of study, IMI will ship to you your course syllabus for each class to which enrollment has been placed. Students may place enrollment to one to ten classes at time of registration. Upon completion of the requirements for each individual class, including research, study, readings, lesson work and exam, you will mail your completed class course work, one or more per submission, to IMI, by postal mail or email for review and grading by IMI Instructors and Teaching Assistants. Each course is considered as a class, with the Diploma of Biblical Study program consisting of eleven (11) classes including the Thesis required for graduation.

Time Allotment for the completion of your course work.

The majority of students will find that the average time allotment required is 20 to 30 hours for each course for research, study and course assignment. The average student receiving an average grade will complete one course per month. Each course is to be completed within a maximum of six (6) months of registration. Reregistration to the course will be required after six (6) months with current tuitions and fees being applied. Students placing enrollments to more than one course simultaneously will be afforded the maximum of six (6) months per course.