IMI Course Sequence

Diploma of Biblical Study
Program Course Titles, Descriptions & Sequence

*Course sequence will follow as described absent of allowance for credit of prior study.


The Holy Spirit – The Comforter – A study of the person, work, and witness of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives.

New Testament Books
– A general overview study of the books of the Bible from Matthew through Jude, giving insight into God’s love and Grace to the Church.

Understanding Prayer and Fasting
– The study of Understanding Prayer and Fasting will reveal to the student, through the word of God, answers for the receiving of prayer requests, and explanations of hindrances to a prayerful life.

Spiritual Gifts
– A complete study of each of the nine Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This study will open understanding for the importance of the Gifts to the child of God. Further exploration will be given to the proper use of Spiritual Gifts within the Church.

The Godhead
 – A critical study of the Father, Son, and Holy spirit, teaching the principal of our triune God.

Scriptural Principles of Giving
– An enlightening study of the principals and responsibilities set forth by God for the financial support of the Church and individual blessings received through adherence to the word of God.

Dispensational Truth
– The study of Man and His progression through the ages from innocence to the prophesied millennial reign. International Maranatha Institute Diploma of Biblical Study

Personal Witnessing
– Through this study, you will explore the Christian’s responsibility of taking the good news of the gospel to the world in which we live.

Positive Faith – A foundational study for every follower of Christ. This course examines the call
for the believer to receive the faith that comes by the power of the Holy Spirit as they place their
trust in the blessed word of God.
The Supremacy of Jesus Christ – A chapter by chapter examination of the epistle of Hebrews,
bringing to light the position, power and supreme authority of Christ Jesus.
Biblical Studies Treatise – Final program requirement is the course Thesis paper. The program
Thesis will be required to be written in reflection of subject matter covered within the course
modules of the IMI Biblical Studies program.